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A tumblr dedicated to E-Sens and Simon D of Supreme Team (슈프림팀) !

Supreme Team’s Biography

Supreme Team is a South Korean hip hop duo consisting of Simon Dominic and E-sens. They are currently signed under Amoeba Culture.


"Simon D and E-sens organised the Supreme Team with built up skills from the underground. They received acclamations from existing Hip Hop fans with their meeting. They aroused a lot of expectations as a new Hip Hop group succeeding Dynamic Duo.

In 2009, they released ‘Supermagic’ and received MAMA Men’s Rookie of the year award by captivating the public with excellent skills as a new Hip Hop group.

Afterwards, the Supreme Team planted a friendly image to the public with various broadcasting activities besides music. They also participated in various collaborations with artists and showed various skills with magnetism. Also, they gained various prizes from lots of awards ceremonies like the Golden Disk Awards Ceremony with their broadcasting activities and steady quality of music.”

- Amoeba Culture


Simon D (Simon Dominic, 쌈디)
Real Name: 정기석 (Jeong Ki-seok)
DOB: March 9, 1984 (Busan)
Status: Lady Jane.
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/simonature
Twitter: @babospmc
Watch his official Introduction & Portfolio


E-sens (Essayistic Sense aka Blanky Munn)
Real Name: 강민호 (Kang Min-Ho)
DOB: February 9, 1987 (Daegu)
Cyworld:  http://www.cyworld.com/rhazik
Twitter: @ikesens



- 2009 Sept Cyworld Rookie Artist of the Month
- 2009 Hiphopplaya July Rookie Artist of the Month
- 2009 Mnet MAMA Male Rookie of the Year Award
- 2009 Hiphopplaya Awards - Rookie of the Year
- 2010 Hiphopplaya June Artist of the Month
- 2010 Mnet 20’s Choice Award - Most Influential Hip Hop Idol
- 2010 Golden Disk Awards - Hip Hop
- 2010 Melon Music Awards - Rap/Hip Hop
- 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards - Hip hop Award
- 2010 Hiphopplaya Awards:

  • Music Video of the Year: 1st place 땡땡땡
  • Single of the Year: 2nd place 땡땡땡, 5th place 그땐 그땐 그땐


Fun Facts:

- First hip hop group to win Mnet MAMA Rookie Award (2009)
- E-Sens is short for Essayistic Sense
- The name Simon Dominic, derived from the combination of “Simon Pheonix” (Wesley Snipes character in the film Demolition Man) and Saint Dominic (baptism name) but now goes by 쌈디/Ssamdi for short



SuperMagic (2009)
Step Up (2010)
Get Ready (2011)
배가 불렀지 (Feat. GaeKo of Dynamic Duo)(2011)

My Girl (ft. Supreme Team) - Brian Joo (2009)
Dream (Feat. Supreme Team) - J.ae (2009)
그땐 그땐 그땐 - Supreme Team & Brown Eyed Soul (2010)
L.O.V.E (feat. Supreme Team) - Lee Ki Chan
Music (feat. 2pm, 8eight, Supreme Team) - 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2010)
기가 차 (Feat. Simon D, Hyorin) - K.Will (2011)
심장이 춤춘다 (ft. Supreme Team) - Sori
요지경 (feat. Supreme Team, Yankie, Mellow) - Primary



Amoeba Culture
Cyworld Club

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